I would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the members of the Nara Institute of Science and Technology Alumni Association(NAA) for their continued success. At present, there are about 9,000 graduates from all research fields at NAIST, and they are active in universities, research institutes, the business sector, etc. in Japan and abroad. NAA provides various support programs to deepen the friendships between current students and graduates by establishing and growing our graduate network among them.

Since I was appointed as chairperson of the NAA in May 2018, the association has been revitalized with the help of other board members and NAIST staff members. Specifically, the NAA website has been renewed, a web-based membership management system, PalSyne has been introduced, and invitational activities for new students to join the association has been improved. As for support activities for alumni, funding for individual alumni gatherings has been introduced, and lectures by prominent alumni have been held at NAIST in cooperation with the Career Services Section of Educational Affairs Division at NAIST.

NAIST is small in size compared to other national universities in Japan. I believe that we should take advantage of this fact by furthering interaction and cooperation among graduates, faculty, and current students. By building a strong network with our graduates who are active like shining stars and working together, I believe that we have the potential to make a great impact on our society.

I am determined to continue to do my best for the development of the Alumni Association. I would like to ask you for your support and cooperation to achieve our endeavors.

April, 2020.

Kiyoshi Kiyokawa(Information Science 1994 enrollment)
Chairperson, Nara Institute of Science and Technology Alumni Association

Current Board Members

Chairperson Kiyoshi Kiyokawa (IS 1994 enrollment)
Vice-chairpersons Mime Kobayashi (BS 1994 enrollment)
Kazuma Yasuhara (MS 2006 enrollment)
Directors Junichiro Yoshimoto (IS 1998 enrollment)
Morito Akisada (BS 1999 enrollment)
Ismail Arai (IS 2002 enrollment)
Yoshihiro Ueoka (MS 2009 enrollment)
Manabu Sugimoto (MS 2013 enrollment)
Katsutomo Okamura (BS 1998 enrollment)
Auditors Yuko Wada (BS 2000 enrollment)
Raula Gaikovina Kula (IS 2008 enrollment)
Advisors Shoji Komai (BS 1995 enrollment)

As of April 2024


February 1995 With the first students about to graduate from NAIST, establishing an alumni association proposed by NAIST to promote cooperation between graduates and NAIST as well as between graduates themselves.
March 2000 NAIST Alumni Association(NAA) established(Student Affairs Division provided administrative support).
Kazuki Joe(currently a professor at Nara Women’s University) appointed as chairperson and 24 members and councilors of the board were elected. [Founding Prospectus (March 2000)]
September 2001 Management of NAA transferred to the Alumni Board of Directors.
April 2004 All national universities incorporated.
Development of a support system for NAA specified in the mid-term plan.
April 2007 Chairperson of the NAA and three alumni on campus began discussions to restructure NAA(Student Affairs Division provided administrative support).
March 2008 Accounting statement for entire the NAA operation period prepared and audited.
October 2009 Working group established with six alumni on campus, and with the approval of the active chairperson and the councilors, NAA reorganization considered(Student Affairs Division provided administrative support).
April 2010 Strengthening alumni network specified in second mid-term plan.
July 2010 Three alumni on campus joined working group.
November 2010 General Assembly and alumni gathering held.
October 2011 General Assembly and alumni gathering held.
November 2012 General Assembly and alumni gathering held.
Dr. Kazutoshi Takahashi, an alumnus, awarded the NAIST Alumni Association Honor Award.
October 2013 General Assembly and Tokyo Reunion(alumni gathering) were held.
December 2014 General Assembly held.
November 2015 General Assembly held.
November 2016 General Assembly and Homecoming Day held.
November 2017 General Assembly and Homecoming Day held.
February 2018 Board meeting held.
May 2018 General Assembly and board meeting held.
August 2018 Board meeting held.
November 2018 General Assembly and Homecoming Day held.
May 2019 Board meeting held.
November 2019 General Assembly and Homecoming Day held.
November 2020 General Assembly and Homecoming Day held.
May 2021 Board meeting held.
June 2021 Special General Assembly (online) held.