About alumni gathering support

NAA offers financial support for hosting alumni gatherings. If you wish to receive this support, please confirm the following conditions and contact us at dousou-w@ad.naist.jp with the necessary information, as stated in the application form. Please note that due to budget limitations, we may not be able to meet your request.

  • Financial support conditions:

    • Gatherings with 10 or more members
    • Gatherings that do not violate public order and morals
    • Participants are to be informed that there is support from NAA
    • Submission of documentation with the following three points within one week after the gathering is held: 1) List of participants (graduates)
      2) Gathering report (About 300 characters)
      3) A group photo (a digital file such as JPG)
      The list should include the participant names, admission years, relevant status (students/graduates, faculty members, or other distinctions), and e-mail address (personal e-mail adresses besides lifetime NAIST addresses are acceptable). If you have not registered with PalSyne, the NAA secretariat will register the e-mail addresses. You must clearly state if you do not want the email to be registered to PalSyne.
  • Financial support amount:

    • 2,000 yen per participating member, up to 100,000 yen in total
    • In some cases, NAA may not be able to meet requests due to a large number of other applications.
    • Individuals may only receive support once a year. Individuals who received prior support in that year should not be included as participants.
  • <Application information>

    Name of representative, admission year, graduate school (division):
    Scheduled date:
    Gathering details:
    Amount requested and its use:
    participants’ names, admission years, graduate school (division):
    dousou-w (at) ad.naist.jp * Please replace “(at)” with “@”.