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Dear all members of NAIST Alumni Association,

As already announced on the website(*), the NAIST Alumni Association General Assembly will be held on November 20, Saturday, from 10:15 to 11:00 as a part of the Homecoming Day. Please refer to the outline of the general meeting at the end of this announcement.


At this year’s General Assembly, we will be introducing two new mechanisms to gather feedback from a wider range of members. We hop that you will take advantage of them and send us your feedback.

Following the General Assembly, we will also hold and Informal Meeting with the Executive Directors from 11:00 to 12:00. Please note that the zoom URL for this event is different from the one for the General Assembly. If you register in advance by November 18, we will send you the Zoom address for Informal Meeting.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Kiyoshi Kiyokawa

Chairperson, NAIST Alumni Association


1. Questionnaire for the General Assembly

This is a questionnaire to ask your opinions on the role and vitalization of the Alumni Association. You can answer this

questionnaire until December 4 (Sat.). Those feedback received before November 20 (Sat.) will be discussed at the General Assembly as long as time permits. The results of the questionnaire will be made available to all members after the response period.

2. Online Deliberation of the General Assembly

This is a form for answering deliberation items to be discussed at the General Assembly. You can cast your vote on the deliberation items until December 4 (Sat.). On the day of the General Assembly, the deliberation items will be explained and the votes of the live participants for and against will be counted. After the deliberation period, the final decisions on the deliberation items will be made by adding up the responses received. The results of the deliberations will be published on the website.

A video recording of the General Assembly will be made available to members immediately after the meeting, so we recommend that you review the video before responding.

Outline of the 2021 General Meeting of the NAIST Alumni Association

Date and Time : 10:15 – 11:00, November 20, Saturday, 2021

Meeting Format:

1. Online (zoom)

2. In-person Gathering

Kenshu Hall, Interdisciplinary Frontier Research Complex No.2


– 2020 Settlement of accounts

– 2020 Accounting audit

– Activity proposals

– Board member reappointments

For more information, please check the handout.

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